AppendPemData (Stringlist subroutine)

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Append PEM encoded string to a Stringlist (Stringlist class)

[Introduced in Model 204 7.5]

The PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) protocol uses base64 encoding for binary data that needs to be transferred and stored as text. AppendPemData lets you store PEM data as a series of base64 encoded Stringlist items within beginning and ending text marker items.


sl:AppendPemData( [Data=] string, [label=] string)

Syntax terms

sl A Stringlist object that contains labeled, base64 encoded data.
Data The Longstring or String you are appending to the data stored in sl.
label The string that identifies the base64 encoded data you are appending. The data is stored as a series of sl items contained within items that are the text markers -----BEGIN label----- and -----END label-----.

This is a required, case-sensitive, value.

Usage notes

  • The appended data is retrievable with the PemToString method.


b %ls is longstring %sl is object stringlist %ls = 'My PEM content' %sl:Appendpemdata(%ls, 'SSL SESSION PARAMETERS') printtext {~} = {%sl:print} end

The result is:


If you were to apply the Base64toString method to the string within the begin and end markers in the preceding result, that is:

printtext {~} = {'1KhA18XUQIOWlaOFlaM=':base64tostring}

The result is:

'1KhA18XUQIOWlaOFlaM=':base64tostring = My PEM content

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