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Create an Array JSON object (Json class)

[Introduced in Model 204 7.6]

This function creates a Json object of the array type.


%json = [%(Json):]Array[( [itemList])]

Syntax terms

%jsonJson object
[%(Json):] The optional class name in parentheses denotes a virtual constructor. See "Usage notes", below, for more information about invoking a virtual constructor.
itemList Zero or more Json objects (including null) that become the arrays original items.

Usage notes

  • If the array is to be dynamically populated, it might be easiest to simply specify Array with no parameters and ad items with the Add function.
  • The added Json objects can be a mix of Json object types.


The following example creates a Json array whose items are a number, a boolean, a string, a null, and an object:

%json is object json ... %json = array(23.14069, false, "Gelfond", null, object)

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