AutoSendXmlContentType (HttpRequest property)

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Automatic content-type header generation? (HttpRequest class)

The AutoSendXmlContentType property sets or returns a Boolean enumeration (True or False) that indicates whether AddXml automatic content-type header generation is on or off.


%currentBoolean = httpRequest:AutoSendXmlContentType httpRequest:AutoSendXmlContentType = newBoolean

Syntax terms

currentBoolean The current value (True or False) of httpRequest's AutoSendXmlContentType property.
httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
newBoolean The new Boolean enumeration value (True or False) to assign to httpRequest's AutoSendXmlContentType property.

Usage notes

  • The HTTP Helper AddXml method generates a content type header of "text/xml" upon a [[Post (HttpRequest function)|Post, if you do not explicitly set a content-type HTTP request header via the AddHeader method. To suppress this automatic generation, you set AutoSendXmlContentType to False.

See also

  • For more general information and background about using Enumerations, see "Enumerations".