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Free space required to reuse table B page


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
During file creation or reset by file manager
Related products
Model 204 V6.1 or earlier


The amount (percentage) of free space required on a Table B page before it can be added to the reuse queue (unordered files)

If BREUSE is set fairly high and an unordered file fills up to the point where the reuse queue is empty and there is no room to increase BHIGHPG, considerable space might still be available on most pages. To prevent a file full condition, Model 204 tries to find space to add a new record on as many as 16 randomly selected pages. Under these circumstances, INCREASE a file or set BREUSE lower.

BREUSE can be set for files with any file organization, but the reuse queue is built for unordered files only. Files other than unordered might have BREUSE set but no reuse queue present.