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Convert a binary string to an integer (String class)

BinaryToInteger is an intrinsic function that treats a string as if it were binary and converts it to an integer. The string may contain no more than four characters.


%number = string:BinaryToInteger[( [Signed= boolean])]

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable to receive the integer value of the method object string.
string A binary string value. The string's length must be four characters or fewer but greater than zero.
Signed This optional, but name required, argument is a boolean enumeration that indicates whether the method object string is to be converted to a signed integer or not.
  • Signed defaults to False, which produces an unsigned conversion.
  • If Signed=True, the method object string is treated as if it were preceded by a negative sign, a two's complement conversion is performed, and the returned value is preceded by a negative sign.

Usage notes

  • The BinaryToInteger function is available as of Sirius Mods version 7.3.


  1. The following statement displays 240:

    printText {'0':binaryToInteger}

  2. The following statement displays 61680:

    printText {'00':binaryToInteger}

  3. The result of the following pair of statements is -3856:

    %string = '00' printText {%string:binaryToInteger(signed=true)}

  4. The result of the following pair of statements is 0:

    %string = '00':hexToString printText {%string:binaryToInteger}

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