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#REDIRECT [[BitOnInteger and BitOrInteger (Float functions)]]
The <var>BitOnInteger</var> [[Intrinsic classes|intrinsic]] function turns on a set of bits in an integer as indicated by another.
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===Syntax terms===
<table class="syntaxTable">
<tr><th>%result</th><td>A variable to receive the result of turning on the bits of <var class="term">onBits</var> in <var class="term">float</var>.</td></tr>
<tr><th>float</th><td>The float to turn on bits in.</td></tr>
<tr><th>onBits</th><td>The bits to turn on.</td></tr>
==Usage notes==
<ul><li>The <var>BitOnInteger</var> function is available as of <var class="product">[[Sirius Mods]]</var> Version 7.9</ul>
<ol><li>The following statement rounds an integer up to the nearest odd integer:
<p class="code">%y = %x:bitOnInteger(1)
==See also==
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