BlockSize (Dataset property)

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The block size of this dataset (Dataset class)

This property is only settable while the object is in the Closed state. An attempt to set it while the dataset is not closed results in request cancellation.


%currentNumber = dataset:BlockSize dataset:BlockSize = newNumber

Syntax terms

%currentNumber A numeric variable to receive the blocksize of the dataset object.
dataset A reference to an instance of a Dataset object.
newNumber A numeric variable to be used to set the dataset object's blocksize.

Usage notes

  • Blocksize can be set to any value from 1 to 32767.
  • If Blocksize is never set for a dataset before it is opened, the open process will attempt to determine an appropriate blocksize for the dataset.
  • For input datasets, the blocksize will usually be set from the input file attributes, whether or not the Blocksize property had been set.

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