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These are commands available to the system operator via the MVS console, MODIFY command, or via the VM SMSG facility.

Some standard Model 204 commands, such as SIRIUS or STATUS, may also be issued by replying to the pending HALT message. While these are also operator commands in some sense, this list focuses on operator commands issued via MODIFY or SMSG. The term operator command refers specifically to commands issued via MODIFY or SMSG.

Versions and availability

Before Sirius Mods version 6.9, the RESTART facility had to be enabled by setting the X'01' bit in the system RESTARTU parameter before any of these commands were available. RESTARTU must be set in the EXEC card PARM parameter under MVS or on the command which starts the Online under CMS. Before Sirius Mods version 6.9, MODIFY or SMSG command support could also be provided by SirTune, which would run as a separate load module that ran Model 204 as a subtask.

The format of the MODIFY and SMSG commands for SirTune is documented separately. However, under Sirius Mods version 6.9 and later, the SirTune data collector is integrated into the Sirius Mods, so it runs as part of the Model 204 load module. Since SirTune is effectively part of the Sirius Mods as of that release, its operator commands are also documented here. The format of many of the SirTune and RESTART utility commands are identical, or at least similar. Any differences between the command formats are noted under the documentation for the command.

If the RESTART utility is started in an ONLINE (or BATCH204) job that is running with SirTune, the RESTART utility defers to SirTune and allows SirTune to provide the required functionality. Under Sirius Mods version 6.9 and later, if an Online is brought up under the standalone SirTune load module, the SirTune integrated with the Sirius Mods will defer to the standalone SirTune. However, this is not a recommended configuration — the standalone SirTune load module should not be used with Sirius Mods version 6.9 and later.

The RESTART utility and SirTune commands require a certain level of authorization. Under MVS, any user that is capable of issuing a MODIFY command is considered to be authorized to issue operator commands. Under CMS, a user must be authorized to issue these commands. This authorization is accomplished via the RESTAUTH command if the RESTART utility is handling operator commands, and via the AUTHORIZE command in SIRTUNEI if SirTune is handling operator commands.

Issuing MODIFY or SMSG operator commands

Under MVS, you can issue operator commands using the MODIFY operator command. This command can be issued at an operator console or under SDSF or equivalent virtual console system. For example, to issue the STATUS command to SirTune running under job PRODONLN under SDSF's LOG screen, you can simply enter:




Responses to MODIFY commands go to the system log and should be viewable under SDSF.

Under CMS, these commands can be issued via the SMSG CP command. For example, to issue the STATUS command to SirTune running on a virtual machine named PRODONLN, you can simply enter




Responses to SMSG commands are sent via MSGNOH, if the SirTune/Model 204 service machine is authorized to use MSGNOH, and via MSG otherwise.


The following command, issued from SDSF or some equivalent, will interrupt and restart, with a snap, user n running in job jobname:

/F jobname,RESTART 0C4 USER n

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