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Center the input string within a return string of a specified length (String class)

For a given input string and suitable specified length, Center / Centre returns a string of the requested length that has the original string embedded in the center. If the requested length is larger than the length of the input string, pad characters are added to the input string to produce the returned string. If the requested length is shorter, the input string's beginning and end are cropped to produce the returned string.

Centre is a synonym for the Center function.


%outString = string:Center( length, [Pad= c], [OffsetLeft= boolean])

%outString = string:Centre( length, [Pad= c], [OffsetLeft= boolean])

Syntax terms

%outString A string variable to receive the result of the Center / Centre method.
string The string to which the method is applied.
length The number of characters desired in the output %string. If this value is greater than the length of the method object string, the method object string is padded on both the right and left to the requested length. If the method object is shorter than length, it is cropped on both the left and right.
Pad This is an optional, name required, parameter that defines the character used to pad string on the right and left (if the length value is greater than the length of string). If an uneven number of pad characters is required, the location of the extra pad character is determined by the value of the OffsetLeft parameter. The default for c is a blank character (' '). Specifying an explicit null ('') results in no padding.
OffsetLeft An optional, name-required, argument that is a Boolean enumeration value indicating where to put the extra character if the requested padding or cropping is asymmetric. If the required number of pad characters or characters to be cropped is not even, the default (False) is to produce an extra character on the right.

Usage notes

  • The length value must be a non-negative number; a negative number results in request cancellation. For a length greater than 255, the output variable must be defined as a longstring. A length value greater than the declared length of the output string results in a request cancellation.
  • The Pad parameter value must be either null or a single character. A longer value results in a compilation error.
  • Center / Centre is available as of Sirius Mods version 7.3.


The following request prints

++++Hello, World!+++, then

ello, Worl


begin %x is string len 15 %out is string len 20 %len is float %x = 'Hello, World!' %len = 20 %out = %x:center(%len, Pad='+', OffsetLeft=True) printText {%out} %len = 10 %out = %x:center(%len, Pad='+', OffsetLeft=True) printText {%out} end

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