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Translate characters to unicode (String class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 8.0]

CharacterToUnicode takes a string input and outputs a copy of it in which any of the input characters that are also specified in a CharacterToUnicodeMap object are replaced with the characters to which they are mapped by the object. A CharacterToUnicodeMap object maps code points in a character set to corresponding Unicode characters.


%unicode = string:CharacterToUnicode( characterToUnicodeMap) Throws CharacterTranslationException

Syntax terms

%unicode A Unicode string variable to receive the Unicode character mapped to the method object string.
string A string of characters to be individually converted to the Unicode characters to which they are mapped in the characterToUnicodeMap object.
characterToUnicodeMap A CharacterToUnicodeMap object.

Usage notes

  • If the string method object contains a character that is not present in characterToUnicodeMap, a CharacterTranslationException exception is returned.


See the CharacterToUnicodeMap class example.

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