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Copy this SortedRecordset object (SortedRecordset class)

This function makes a copy of a SortedRecordset object. The DeepCopy function is identical to Copy, but it flags the SortedRecordset class as "deep-copyable" (as these terms are described in "The Object class copy methods").


%outSortedRecordset = sortedRecordset:Copy

Syntax terms

%outSortedRecordset A SortedRecordset object created by this method that contains a copy of the method object.
sortedRecordset A SortedRecordset object variable. The variable can be null, in which case the output object will also be null.

Usage notes

  • Since a SortedRecordset object can't be modified once it's created, there generally isn't a good reason to make a copy of a SortedRecordset object — it makes more sense to just assign the reference to the SortedRecordset object. The copy functionality for SortedRecordsets is mainly there to support DeepCopy of SortedRecordset objects to facilitate passing of these objects to and from daemons.
  • The following example illustrates the use of the Copy function:

    %sorted is object sortedRecordset in file geeks %sortedCopy is object sortedRecordset in file geeks ... %sortedCopy = %sorted:copy

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