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Number of nodes in this nodelist (XmlNodelist class)


%number = nodl:Count

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable for the number of nodes in XmlNodelist nodl.
nodl An XmlNodelist expression, specifying the XmlNodelist to count.


In the following example, the Count method is used to limit a For loop which selectively adds nodes to the document:

begin %doc is object xmlDoc %doc = new %doc:loadXml('<top> <a>a1</a> <a>a2</a> <a>a3</a> </top>') %nl1 is object xmlNodelist %n1 is object xmlNode %n2 is object xmlNode %j is float %nl1 = %doc:selectNodes('/top/a') for %j from 1 to %nl1:count %n1 = %nl1:item(%j) %n2 = %n1:addElement('b', 'b' With %j) end for call %d1:print end

The example results follow:

<top> <a> a1 <b>b1</b> </a> <a> a2 <<b>b2</b> </a> <a> a3 <b>b3</b> </a> </top>

Request-cancellation errors

  • Count has no request-cancellation errors.

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