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String value of current token (StringTokenizer class)

This method returns the string value of the current token. The current token is typically the most recent token returned by NextToken or FindToken. CurrentToken is invalid and cancels the request until one of these calls has been made.

As described in "Usage Notes", below, you can also update the current token by explicitly setting the value of CurrentTokenPosition.


%string = stringTokenizer:CurrentToken Throws MismatchedQuote, OutOfBounds

Syntax terms

%string A string variable to receive the value of the current token.
stringTokenizer A StringTokenizer object variable.

Usage notes

  • The CurrentTokenPosition property is the position of the initial character in the current token. Conversely, the current token always starts at the position given by CurrentTokenPosition. If you reset CurrentTokenPosition, you automatically modify the current token substring — but this has no effect on a subsequent NextToken or NextPosition call.


The following request fragment shows how the successful execution of NextToken advances the current token and current token position. For an example where the CurrentToken value follows an explicit setting of CurrentTokenPosition, see that method's Examples section.

%tok = new %tok:string = 'current token example' PrintText {~} is {%tok:nextToken} PrintText {~} is {%tok:currentToken} PrintText {~} is {%tok:currentTokenPosition} PrintText {~} is {%tok:nextToken} PrintText {~} is {%tok:currentTokenPosition} PrintText {~} is {%tok:currentToken} PrintText {~} is {%tok:nextToken} PrintText {~} is {%tok:currentToken} PrintText {~} is {%tok:currentTokenPosition}

The result is:

%tok:nextToken is current %tok:currentToken is current %tok:currentTokenPosition is 1 %tok:nextToken is token %tok:currentTokenPosition is 9 %tok:currentToken is token %tok:nextToken is example %tok:currentToken is example %tok:currentTokenPosition is 15

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