Cursor (SortedRecordset function)

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Instantiate a RecordsetCursor for this SortedRecordset (SortedRecordset class)


%recordsetCursor = sortedRecordset:Cursor

Syntax terms

%recordsetCursor A declared RecordsetCursor object, to which Cursor returns an instance of a RecordsetCursor object, if sortedRecordset has at least one record. If sortedRecordset has no records, Cursor returns a Null object.
sortedRecordset A reference to an instance of a SortedRecordset object.

Usage notes

  • You can have as many cursors as you want for a record set.
  • To test for an empty record set, use IsEmpty, which is much more efficient than testing the record Count for 0.
  • The instantiated RecordsetCursor is automatically positioned on the first record in the set.

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