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Convert days since 1900 to string date/time (Float class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.8]

The DaysToString intrinsic function operates on a Float value representing days since 1900 and returns a formatted string representing that date/time.


%string = float:DaysToString( format)

Syntax terms

%string A variable to receive the formatted date/time string result of the DaysToString method.
float A Float value representing days since 1900. It must be in the range 0 to 2958463.
format A valid date/time string format.

Usage notes

  • The DaysToString function is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.8.


  1. These statements use DaysToString and StringToDays to convert a value in MM/DD/YY format to the Month DAY, YYYY format. They also show the effect of the CentSpan parameter:

    printText {~='12/22/11':stringToDays('MM/DD/YY', centspan=2000):daysToString('Month DAY, YYYY')} printText {~='12/22/11':stringToDays('MM/DD/YY', centspan=1910):daysToString('Month DAY, YYYY')}

    The results are:

    '12/22/11':stringToDays('MM/DD/YY', centspan=2000):daysToString('Month DAY, YYYY')=December 22, 2011 '12/22/11':stringToDays('MM/DD/YY', centspan=1910):daysToString('Month DAY, YYYY')=December 22, 1911

  2. See also the StringToDays examples.

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