Default settings of buttons and hot keys

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Unless you have provided a user interface reconfiguration file, the Debugger Client starts with the default presentation of GUI buttons and hot keys summarized in this section.  


The ten buttons above the Client's main window tabs are initially set to perform the commands that are shown in the table below (and described further in The Client command reference). The buttons are named by their left-to-right position. The button labels shown in the Client are close approximations if not the same as the name of the command they execute, and the labels are configurable with the labelButton command. Five additional buttons are available for mapping but have no command associated with them by default, and they do not appear unless they are explicitly mapped:  

Button Default command setting
button0   top
button1 bottom
button2 clearAudit
button3 run
ALT-button3 runWithoutDaemons
button4 step
button5 stepOver
ALT-button5 stepOut
button6 trace
button7 cancel
button8 clearBreaks
button9 clearWatch
button10 (none)
button11 (none)
button12 (none)
button13 (none)
button14 (none)

Hot keys

The Client's default set of hot keys and the commands that they perform are shown below.

Hot key Default command setting
ALT-B   breaksAt
CTRL-B breaks
CTRL-C copy
CTRL-F focusToSearchBox
CTRL-P preferences
CTRL-T trace
CTRL-U searchFromBottom
CTRL-X cancel
F4 step
F5 run
ALT-F5 runWithoutDaemons
F9 searchDown
ALT-F9 searchUp
F10 stepOver; also, previousCompileError
ALT-F10 stepOut
F11 step; also nextCompileError

Note: By default, the Enter key repeats the command performed by the currently active button which is highlighted.