Define and start a client socket port (TN3270 Debugger only)

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To initiate TN3270 Debugger sessions from this Online, you must have a Janus client socket port to connect to the Debugger Client that is running on the workstation. You may want to consult with your system manager or whomever sets up Janus port definitions for your site, and the Janus Sockets Reference Manual documents the port definition particulars.

A sample Janus port definition (for the port DEBCLIENT7) follows. The DEBUGGERCLIENT port type is a Debugger-only, Janus client socket that requires a Debugger license.  

   LINEND 0D0A                 -
   TRACE 0                     -
   TIMEOUT 40                  -
   MASTER                      -


  • If you have a Debugger license and a Janus Sockets license, you can use a CLSOCK port type instead of DEBUGGERCLIENT.
  • The JANUS DEFINE parameters KEEPALIVE and SSL are valid for CLSOCK ports but not for DEBUGGERCLIENT ports or for a CLSOCK port used for the Debugger.
  • The JANUS CLSOCK ALLOW statement applies to both CLSOCK and DEBUGGERCLIENT ports. As specified above (with no additional parameters),  unrestricted access is allowed to the port.