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Difference between XmlNodelists (XmlNodelist class)

Difference creates an XmlNodelist that is the difference of (that is, it removes nodes from) one XmlNodelist and another.


%diffNodl = nodl:Difference( removeNodl)

Syntax terms

%diffNodl An XmlNodelist that is set to point to the nodelist that is created.
nodl An XmlNodelist.
removeNodl An XmlNodelist; nodes on this nodelist are removed from nodl to create the result.

Usage notes

  • Difference only affects the nodes created on %diffNodl; it does not modify the XmlDoc, nodl, nor removeNodl.
  • The XmlDoc associated with nodl and removeNodl must be the same.


  1. The following example will create an empty XmlNodelist:

    %empty = %nlis:Difference(%nlis)

  2. Another example that makes use of the Difference method is in the "Examples" section in SelectNodes

Request-cancellation errors

This list is not exhaustive: it does not include all the errors that are request cancelling.

  • The XmlDocs associated with nodl and removeNodl are not the same.
  • Insufficient free space exists in CCATEMP.

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