FUNL0051 PUT (errtype) on line (lineno) for record (recno) in file (filename), output record (outrec).

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A conversion error or an unexpected missing value was encountered when executing a PUT statement.

errtype is ERROR if there was a conversion error, or it is MISSING if the value was missing.

lineno indicates the line number of the compiled PUT statement being executed.

recno indicates the Model 204 record number of the record being processed. This record could be examined under Model 204 with the For Record Number statement or using the Point$ condition.

filename indicates the name of the file containing the record. This will be the name of the file being unloaded unless a group is being unloaded via the Fast/Unload SOUL Interface, in which case the indicated file is one of the files in the group.

outrec is the output record number on which the error occurred; in this case, the first output record is numbered 0.

To suppress these messages for a particular PUT statement, use the NOREPORT option on the PUT statement.

If this message is unexpected, verify the contents of the indicated record using Model 204 or using Fast/Unload (with the Frecord and Maxrec parameters).