Fast/Unload program return codes

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Fast/Unload will terminate with one of the following program return codes:

0 Fast/Unload successfully completed.
4 Fast/Unload encountered a potentially non-fatal error.
8 Fast/Unload encountered a probably fatal error.
12 An invalid PARM card value was encountered.
16 Insufficient storage.
32 Fast/Unload trial has expired or is not authorized for CPU.
40 Fast/Unload could not open the FUNPRINT DD.
48 Insufficient storage to even intialize Fast/Unload.
64 Fast/Unload SOUL Interface called an incompatible Fast/Unload load module.
128 Fast/Unload abend.
-1 Either the FUNTSKN parameter value is zero, or the Fast/Unload PST became unavailable after request accepted.
n A Fast/Unload CANCEL n statement was executed.

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