Fast/Unload with the Sir2000 Field Migration Facility

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For the most part, the presence of a file which has been modified with the Sir2000 Field Migration Facility has no effect on Fast/Unload processing. The exceptions are as follows:

  1. The ADD, CHANGE, and DELETE statements may not be issued for a RELATED field.
  2. When doing an unload with UAI, the Fast/Unload output contains all of the Sir2000 Field Migration Facility definitions, which can be used to recreate them during the Fast/Reload LAI operation.
  3. The UNLOAD field statement, if it references a RELATED field, causes the other of the pair of RELATED fields to be unloaded. This ensures that if a partial record is unloaded, both occurrences of a RELATED pair of fields are always unloaded.
  4. If UAI SORT field_R or HASH field_R causes field_R to be implicitly unloaded (see UAI SORT or HASH and field unload order), and field_R is a RELATED field, then any UNLOAD field statement causes the other field of the RELATED pair to also be implicitly unloaded, after field_R.

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