GetInputObject (Daemon subroutine)

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Retrieve input object passed by master thread (Daemon class)

GetInputObject retrieves the input object passed by the master thread (in the second argument of the Run method) making it available to the daemon.


%(Daemon):GetInputObject( object)

Syntax terms

%(Daemon) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method. GetInputObject can also be invoked via a Daemon object variable, which may be null.
object The object passed to the daemon method object in the most recent Daemon Run invocation. object must be deep copyable, as described in "Copying objects".

Usage notes

  • GetInputObject may not be issued on a master thread.
  • If the input object passed by Daemon Run does not match the object argument of GetInputObject, the request containing GetInputObject is cancelled.
  • GetInputObject sets its argument to null if no object or a null object is passed by Run, and any subsequent references to that object cancel the request.

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