GlobalList (PersistentObjectInfo function)

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Get list of global objects (PersistentObjectInfo class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.8]


%persObjList = %(PersistentObjectInfo):GlobalList[( [matchString])]

Syntax terms

%persObjListAn Arraylist of Object PersistentObjectInfo object variable.
%(PersistentObjectInfo) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method. GlobalList can also be invoked via a PersistentObjectInfo object variable, which may be Null.
matchString An optional, case-sensitive, pattern-matching string that identifies the name(s) of the global(s) whose information is to be returned to %persObjList. The default if no string is provided is to return information of all global objects.

Usage notes

  • GlobalList is also a shared method in the Object class. This means that both of these statements are valid:

    %persInfoList = %(persistentObjectInfo):globalList %persInfoList = %(object):globalList

  • As a coding convenience, the PersistentObjectInfoList type is defined as an "Arraylist of Object PersistentObjectInfo". Consequently, instead of a declaration like this one:

    %persInfoList is arraylist of object persistentObjectInfo

    You can simply specify:

    %persInfoList is type persistentObjectInfoList

    Note: The keyword Type is required.


  1. In the following example, GlobalList is invoked with no explicit parameter:

    b %i is float %persInfoList is arraylist of object persistentObjectInfo %sl is object stringlist %sl2 is object stringlist %sl = list('alpha', 'beta', 'ceta') %sl2 = list('one', 'two', 'three') %(Object):SetGlobal('ABC', %sl) %(Object):SetGlobal('NUM', %sl2) %persInfoList = %(persistentObjectInfo):globalList for %i from 1 to %persInfoList:count printText *** {~} = {%i}, {~} = {%persInfoList(%i):name}, {~} = {%persInfoList(%i):classDescription} end for end

    The result, assuming no globals have been set prior to this request, is:

    %i = 1, %persInfoList(%i):name = ABC, %persInfo:classDescription = System:Stringlist %i = 2, %persInfoList(%i):name = NUM, %persInfo:classDescription = System:Stringlist

  2. The following statement uses the Name method to sort by name the contents of the Arraylist returned by GlobalList:

    %persInfoList = %(persistentObjectInfo):globalList:sortNew(descending(name))

    Applied to the %persInfoList in the preceding example, the result is:

    %i = 1, %persInfoList(%i):name = NUM, %persInfoList(%i):classDescription = System:Stringlist %i = 2, %persInfoList(%i):name = ABC, %persInfoList(%i):classDescription = System:Stringlist

    As stated in the "Usage notes" above, GlobalList is also a member of the Object class. The SortNew statement in this example could also be specified as follows to get the same result:

    %persInfoList = %(Object):globalList:sortNew(descending(name))

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