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Set or return the highlight attribute for screenfield (ScreenField class)

The Highlight property sets or returns the value of the highlight for a ScreenField. The Highlight enumeration provides the highlight value.

This attribute is initially set for a field by the AddField method.


%currentHighlight = sfield:Highlight sfield:Highlight = newHighlight

Syntax terms

%currentHightlight An enumeration of type Highlight to get sField's current hightlight.
sfield A reference to an instance of a ScreenField object.
newHightlight An enumeration of type Highlight (see below) setting sfield's new hightlight.

Usage notes

  • Under either of these conditions, which are not detectable by the screen methods, the display may not show the intended colors:
    • Highlight lets you set highlights regardless of the actual terminal type, although some terminals may not display these attributes correctly.
    • Many terminal emulator programs allow local customization of highlighting attributes.
  • Default field highlights may be set by the ProtectedHighlight or UnprotectedHighlight properties.


For an example using Highlight method calls, see "Screen object sample code".

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