IFABXIT (HLI function)

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The conventions used on this page are described in Function call notation conventions.


The IFABXIT call (ABEND EXIT) establishes the IFAM2 abend handler.

IFABXIT is available only for use with the IFAM2 CICS interface.

Thread type
multiple cursor IFSTRT, single cursor IFSTRT
IFCALL function number



Compile-only form
Not available
Execute-only form
Not available

There are no parameters available with IFABXIT.

Usage notes

  • Use the IFABXIT call with an IFAM2 connection to Model 204 only in a CICS environment.
  • Use IFABXIT if the host language application does not require its own abend handler. Using IFABXIT protects the application against a hung CRAM channel in the event of an abend prior to the first functional IFAM2 call.
  • Issue the IFABXIT call as soon as possible after entering the program, after the initial IFCSA call.
  • See CICS abend handling for more information about CICS abend handling in IFAM2.

Coding example (COBOL)