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Insert argument string inside the method object string (String class)

Insert is an intrinsic function that inserts an argument string inside the method object string, starting before the specified position in the method object string.


%outString = string:Insert( insertedString, position)

Syntax terms

%outString A string variable to receive the modified method object string.
string The input string
insertedString The new text string to be inserted into method object string.
position The numeric value of the position in the method object string before which to insert insertedString. The first character from the left in the method object is position 1. The value of position must be between 1 and the number of characters in the method object string plus one. An invalid position produces a request cancellation.

Usage Notes

  • Insert is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.6.


The following request contains four Insert method calls:

begin printText {~} = {'':insert('xyz', 1)} printText {~} = {'ABC':insert('xyz', 3)} printText {~} = {'ABC':insert('xyz', 4)} printText {~} = {'ABC':insert('xyz', 5)} end

The request result is:

'':insert('xyz', 1) = xyz 'abc':insert('xyz', 3) = ABxyzC 'abc':insert('xyz', 4) = ABCxyz 'abc':insert('xyz', 5) = *** 1 CANCELLING REQUEST: MSIR.0750: Class STRING, function INSERT: insertion position greater than length of input string plus one in line 5

If you're converting old code to replace $subIns calls with calls to the Insert method, note that $subIns pads out to the required length when insertions are requested past the length of the initial string, whereas the Insert method treats this as an error.

In other words, using $subIns you could insert a string into position 10 of a 4 character string, like this:

begin %x is string len 255 %x = $subIns('Meat',' and Potatoes',10) end

resulting in:

Meat and Potatoes

If you substitute the Insert method into the above request it will fail. To make the Insert method work you would have to right-pad the original string to 10 characters before inserting the string.

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