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Convert an integer to a binary string (Float class)

The IntegerToBinary intrinsic function converts an integer to its binary string representation. Only integers that convert to a string no longer than four characters are allowed.


%string = float:IntegerToBinary( number, [Signed= boolean])

Syntax terms

%string A string variable to receive the converted value of the method object float.
float An integer value. The number must be convertible to a binary string that does not exceed the length specified by the number value.
number A non-zero numeric value that specifies the length in bytes of the binary string to be returned. Its value must be greater than 0 and less than 5.
Signed This is an optional, name required, Boolean enumeration that indicates whether the method object integer is to be converted to a signed integer. If so, the resulting binary string will begin with a sign bit, and a two's complement conversion is performed. Signed is an optional argument that defaults to False, which produces an unsigned conversion.

Usage notes

  • If the specified length of the returned binary string is greater than the binary value, the value is padded on the left with repetitions of the appropriate sign bit.
  • If the specified length of the returned binary string is insufficient to contain the converted value and any necessary sign bit, the request is cancelled.
  • IntegerToBinary is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


  1. The following statement displays an 'a' character:

    printText {129:integerToBinary(1)}

  2. The following statement displays '??' because the resulting binary string is two non-displayable characters:

    printText {32769:integerToBinary(2)}

  3. To view the hex equivalents of the non-displayable characters in examples above, you can use StringToHex. The following statement The displays '8001'.

    printText {32769:integerToBinary(2):stringToHex}

  4. The following statement displays 'FF7F':

    printText {-129:integerToBinary(2, signed=true):stringToHex}

  5. The following statement displays '0081, a value padded with a positive sign bit:

    printText {129:integerToBinary(2, signed=true):stringToHex}

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