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The InvalidBase64Data exception class describes an exception associated with finding non-base64-encoded data where base64-encoded data was expected, usually when decoding base64-encoded data.

To produce an InvalidBase64Data exception yourself, you typically use a User Language Throw statement with an InvalidBase64Data New constructor. This statement must be issued from within a method, and it can only be caught by the code that calls the method. For example, the following statement throws an InvalidBase64Data exception with the position set to 2:

throw %(invalidBase64Data):new(position=2)

The InvalidBase64Data methods

The following are the available InvalidBase64Data class methods.

NewCreate a new InvalidBase64Data object
PositionInput string position where non-base64 encoding character found

The methods in the class are described in the subsections that follow. In addition:

New constructor

Create a new InvalidBase64Data object (InvalidBase64Data class)

This Constructor generates an instance of an InvalidBase64Data exception. As shown below, the required argument of the New method is a setting of the Position property.


%invalidBase64Data = [%(InvalidBase64Data):]New( Position= number)

Syntax terms

%invalidBase64Data A reference to an instance of an InvalidBase64Data object.
[%(InvalidBase64Data):]The class name in parentheses denotes a Constructor.
Position This name required parameter: Position, specifies the numeric value (number) for the position to be assigned to the InvalidBase64Data exception object's Position property when a data error is encountered.

Position property

Input string position where non-base64 encoding character found (InvalidBase64Data class)

This ReadOnly property returns the position in the (expected) base64-encoded string where a non-base64-encoding character was found.


%number = invalidBase64Data:Position

Syntax terms

%number This numeric value is the position in the base64 string where a non-base64 character was found.
invalidBase64Data A reference to an instance of an InvalidBase64Data object.