IsSelectionPrefix (XmlDoc function)

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Check if prefix has XPath-selection association (XmlDoc class)

IsSelectionPrefix determines whether its argument is a prefix that can be used in an XPath expression. IsSelectionPrefix returns the value True if its argument is currently associated (either with the null string or with a namespace URI) as a prefix that you can use in an XPath expression. Otherwise, it returns False.


%boolean = doc:IsSelectionPrefix( prefix)

Syntax terms

%boolean A declared enumeration object of type Boolean to contain the returned value (True or False) of IsSelectionPrefix.
doc An XmlDoc object expression.
prefix A string prefix (the part of the name before the colon) for a node. This is a Unicode string argument; prior to Sirius Mods Version 7.6, this is an EBCDIC string. Its length must be at most 255 characters.

Usage notes

  • IsSelectionPrefix has no cancellation conditions other than the usual requirement that the method obj8ect not be Null.
  • IsSelectionPrefix is available in Sirius Mods Version 7.0 and later.


In the following example fragment, the code is testing for a new prefix to use in an XPath expression, to avoid having to change any existing prefix associations:

... for %i from 1 to 100 if %doc:isSelectionPrefix('p' With %i) eq false then loop end end if end for %doc:selectionNamespace('p' with %i) = 'urn:localxxx' %node = %inpNode:selectSingleNode(%p With %i - with ':infoChild') %doc:deleteSelectionPrefix('p' with %i) ...

See also

  • DeleteSelectionPrefix is useful in conjunction with IsSelectionPrefix to delete the selected subtree.
  • SelectionNamespace specifies the namespace URI associated with a prefix, when the prefix is used in an XPath expression.