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Retrieve value of Stringlist item (Stringlist class)


%string = sl:Item( itemNum)

Syntax terms

%string This longstring is to contain the contents of the sl item.
sl A Stringlist object.
itemNum The number of the item in the sl Stringlist.

Usage notes

  • All errors in Item result in request cancellation.
  • Unlike the Item method for Collections, the Item method for stringlists is not settable. To set a new value for a stringlist item, use Replace.


  1. The following loop uses the Item method to display the contents of a Stringlist:

    for %i from 1 to %list:count print %list:item(%i) end for

    This could be accomplished much more easily with:


  2. Under Sirius Mods Version 6.8 and later, the method name, Item, is not necessary on a Stringlist Item reference. For example, the previous program with Item references could be written as:

    for %i from 1 to %list:count print %list(%i) end for

See also

There are optimized methods available to retrieve just the first or just the last item in a Stringlist: