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<dd><var class="product">Model 204 V6.1</var> or earlier
<dd><var class="product">Model 204 V2.2</var> or earlier

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Length of STBL


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On user's parameter line or reset by UTABLE command
Related products
Model 204 V2.2 or earlier


The size of STBL in bytes.

STBL is used for storing character strings and arrays. LSTBL can range from 0 to 16777208. For an application subsystem user, LSTBL must have a minimum value of 250.

STBL usage and the SQL driver

Beginning in Model 204 V4R1.1, STBL usage increases in the SQL driver, because it relies fully on the Model 204 nucleus to create and process a found set derived from the WHERE clause in the query. This bypasses a Table B search whenever possible and increases performance.

Rocket Software recommends that sites using SQL set STBL to a minimum of 3000 bytes, keeping in mind that the size requirement relates directly to the complexity of the query and/or the view structure.