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List of system objects (System class)

The ListOfObjects method returns a Stringlist containing information about "system-wide objects". ListOfObjects is a shared methods method.


%sl = %(System):ListOfObjects[( [string])]

Syntax terms

%slThe Stringlist variable that contains the data about the objects selected according to the nameW pattern.
%(System) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method. ListOfObjects can also be invoked via a System object variable, which may be null.
string An optional identifying string which may include wildcard characters. Descriptions of the system-wide objects whose names match the pattern(s) in string are returned to the %sl Stringlist.

This argument defaults to an asterisk (*), that is, all system-wide objects, and its eligible wildcard characters are shown below:

* Matches any group of 0 or more characters
? Matches any single character
" An escape, which means the next character is treated literally, even if it is a double quotation mark ("), question mark (?), or asterisk (*)

Usage notes

  • The format of the output Stringlist is:
    1-10The userid of the user that saved the system object.
    12-28The date and time the object was saved in YY/MM/DD HH:MI:SS format.
    30-52The name of the subsystem with which the object is associated. Since system objects are not associated with a subsystem, this is always blanks.
    54-The name of the system global.
  • All errors result in request cancellation.
  • The items placed on the target Stringlist are put there in no particular order.

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