List of Janus FTP Server $functions

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The following are the available Janus FTP Server $functions. These $functions constitute an API for writing overrides of Janus FTP Server implementations of basic FTP commands.

$Ftp_FailMakes available a failure status code (500) for the override.
$Ftp_Get_CommandReturns the FTP command that is the subject of the override.
$Ftp_Get_Current_FileReturns the Model 204 file mapped to the current folder.
$Ftp_Get_Current_FolderReturns the name of the current folder.
$Ftp_Get_OperandReturns the value of the entity being operated on by the FTP command that is being overridden.
$Ftp_Get_Old_NameReturns the name of the procedure being renamed.
$Ftp_Get_PrefixReturns the prefix character of a folder that is using prefixing.
$Ftp_Get_Transfer_TypeReturns the current client-specified FTP transfer mode.