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The following are the available System class methods.

ArgumentsThe arguments passed to this request
CallStackCurrent call stack description
CallStackCallerCurrent caller information
CallStackDepthDepth of the call stack
ClientCertificateGet client certificate
ConnectionStartTimeMillisecondsTime of connection start in milliseconds
ConnectionStartTimeStringTime of connection start as string
CurrentRecordIsUpdatedIs the current record updated?
CurrentTimeDaysCurrent time in days
CurrentTimeMillisecondsCurrent time in milliseconds
CurrentTimeSecondsCurrent time in seconds
CurrentTimeStringCurrent time as a string
DeleteGlobalDelete a system-wide global
DeleteObjectDelete a system-wide object
DeleteStringDelete a system-wide string
GeneratedPrivateKeyGenerate an RSA private key
GetObjectGet a system-wide object
LastSubsystemErrorFileThe last subsystem error file
LastSubsystemErrorProcedureThe last subsystem error procedure
LastSubsystemErrorSubsystemThe last subsystem error subsystem
ListOfGlobalsList of system globals
ListOfObjectsList of system objects
ListOfStringsList of system strings
RecordIsUpdatedIs the indicated record updated?
RunSubsystemErrorProcedureIs subsystem error procedure to be run
SetGlobalSet a system-wide global
SetObjectSet a system-wide object
SetStringSet a system-wide string
StringGet a system-wide string
TODClockGet binary TOD clock value
UUIDTimeGet a binary UUID time
WakeupAtWake up at a specific time in milliseconds

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