LoadSystemMethodInfo (XmlDoc subroutine)

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Load info about system methods into this XmlDoc (XmlDoc class)

LoadSystemMethodInfo loads an XmlDoc with information about methods in classes selected by a "pattern" argument. This method is primarily intended for SOUL products delivered by Rocket Software, and the schema of the document may change from release to release. Users of SoulEdit (V7.5 and later) can see this method in action via the INFO command which provides introspection into specified methods.


doc:LoadSystemMethodInfo( pattern, [ShowBase= boolean])

Syntax terms

doc An expression that points to the XmlDoc to contain the selected method information.
pattern A string whose case is ignored and that can have any of the following forms:
methodPattern This selects, from any system class, all methods that match the specified pattern.
classPattern:methodPattern This selects, from any system class matching classPattern, all methods that match methodPattern.
System:classPattern:methodPattern This is the same as classPattern:methodPattern.
ShowBase A Boolean enumeration that specifies how to handle base and extension classes:
  • If False, the default, then base classes are omitted from the output XmlDoc, and the methods in extension classes include methods from their base classes.
  • If True, then base classes (which match the selection pattern) are included in the output XmlDoc, and the members of base classes are not included in extension classes.
This name required argument was new in version 7.9 of the Sirius Mods.

Usage notes

  • The New method will only be displayed if either is true:
    • The methodPattern is the string New.
    • The New method has any arguments.
  • LoadSystemMethodInfo will not display classes in the module LOCAL, if they are selected by a pattern (that is, pattern contains a wildcard character), or if there is no classPattern component.


The following request displays the class data for the AddAttribute method:

begin %d is object xmlDoc %d = new %d:loadSystemMethodInfo('AddAttribute') %d:print end

The example result follows:

<classes selection="AddAttribute"> <class name="XmlNode" system="yes" new="no" discard="no" docObject="nod"> <methods module="JSOPF" offset="00002038"> <method name="AddAttribute" type="function" callable="yes" requiredProdNum="35" desc="Add Attribute to Element node"> <result> <type name="Object" class="XmlNode"/> </result> <arg docArg="name"> <type name="Unicode"/> </arg> <arg docArg="value"> <type name="Unicode"/> </arg> <arg optional="yes" docArg="uri"> <type name="Unicode"/> </arg> </method> </methods> </class> </classes>

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