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Login statistics in string format (UserStatistics class)

The LoginToString function returns the values of the Login (also called "Final") statistics in the method UserStatistics object. By default, LoginToString will only include those Login statistics with non-zero values; but, as an option, it may include all (including zero) Login statistics.


%string = userStatistics:LoginToString[( [Zeros= boolean], - [NamesToLower= boolean])]

Syntax terms

%string A longstring variable to contain the listing of the values of the Login statistics.
userStatistics A UserStatistics object variable.
Zeros This name required argument is a Boolean value that indicates whether statistics with a zero value should be included in the returned data. Zeros is an optional argument that defaults to False, which results in the inclusion of only statistics with non-zero values.
NamesToLower This NameRequired argument is a Boolean value that indicates whether the returned Model 204 statistic names, which are normally all-uppercase, should be returned as lowercase. This is an optional argument which defaults to False.


The following example of non-zero Login statistics is produced by a print %ustat:loginToString(namesToLower=true) statement. The output line wrapping is altered for display purposes.

time='20080902160613043' userNumber=20 loginTime='20080902094309010' cnct=1 sqrd=29 sqwr=4 sgmto=27 cpu=890 req=1 - move=97 slic=71 audit=32 dkar=253 dkpr=124751 pcpu=996 objswap=250247

See also

  • RequestToString returns the values of the Request statistics in the UserStatistics object.
  • ToString returns the values of all the statistics in the object.