LoopLockStrength (Recordset property)

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Set or return minimum lock strength for Recordset records that are in For loops (Recordset class)

The LoopLockStrength property uses a LockStrength enumeration to indicate the minimum lock strength for records processed in For loops on the Recordset object. For more information see "LoopLockStrength for Recordsets".


%currentLockStrength = recordset:LoopLockStrength recordset:LoopLockStrength = newLockStrength

Syntax terms

%currentLockStrength The LockStrength enumeration value of recordset's LoopLockStrength property.
recordset A Recordset object.
newLockStrength The LockStrength enumeration value to assign to recordset's LoopLockStrength property.

Usage notes

  • The LoopLockStrength property is new as of Sirius Mods version 7.0.
  • If the returned locking value is assigned to an enumeration variable, use the ToString enumeration method to print the value string.
  • For more information about enumerations, see "Enumerations".

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