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The content of m204wiki is available for download, provided only that no copyright notices may be removed or altered. The download format is a zip archive that contains both an XML dump of the wiki pages suitable for loading into your own installation of Mediawiki (or one of the many personal wiki implementations) and a tar file with all of the uploaded images and other objects such as PDF files.

How to download a copy of m204wiki

Use one of the following URLs to download a copy of the m204wiki contents:

https://m204wiki.rocketsoftware.com/images/M204wiki_full.zip or https://m204wiki.rocketsoftware.com/images/M204wiki_current.zip

M204wiki_full.zip contains the full m204wiki content (minus user records, security groups and "talk" pages), including all past versions of each page. As of September 2014, this file is approximately 104 megabytes of data, and expected to constantly increase in size.

M204wiki_current.zip contains only the latest version of each m204wiki page (minus user records, security groups and "talk" pages). This copy provides the latest version of all material but without the page history. As of September 2014, this file is approximately 46 megabytes in size, and it is expected to increase in size but to always remain smaller than the "full" version. This is probably the copy you want.

Both of the above files are refreshed every night, just after midnight Boston time.

Updating local copies of m204wiki

If you make changes to a downloaded copy of the m204wiki content, then of course those changes will be lost if you refresh the downloaded copy; The download and import process is a full refresh, and no incremental option is currently offered.

If you'd like to contribute to m204wiki, you will need to obtain a M204wiki User ID.

What to do with your copy of m204wiki

Most likely you are downloading a copy of m204wiki because your Model 204 site does not allow internet access. Maintaining a local copy of m204wiki provides access in a format that can be kept as up-to-date as you like.

If you want to present m204wiki totally faithful to its original format, you'll want to install a local copy of Mediawiki, the software currently hosting m204wiki:


There are a variety of methods for importing a m204wiki XML dump and related binary uploads, all explained at the Mediawiki site:


Once you have a copy of Mediawiki installed, the simplest way to load the M204wiki content in a single step is via the script in maintenance/importDump.php (documentation provided in "Using importDump.php, if you have shell access" at the above link). For example, issue a command like the following (this is the file which was downloaded on September 10, 2014):

php \www\mediawiki\maintenance\importDump.php c:\users\dave\downloads\XC140910.xml

The above command can be run in Windows, if the MoWeS portable reader was installed in the root directory containing \www and the current M204wiki was saved in the above downloads directory.

Alternately, you can forgo the local installation of Mediawiki and use one of the aftermarket readers designed to import and display the Mediawiki XML dump. The most popular one is Wikitaxi (Windows only; no Linux or OS/X version is provided):


A number of other viewing options are explained at the above page.

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