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The Rocket Software website: http://www.rocketsoftware.com
The Rocket Software website: http://www.rocketsoftware.com
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Welcome to the Sirius Software Model 204 Wiki.

This site is intended to provide useful information to Model 204 User Language developers, database administrators, system managers, and anyone else who works with Model 204 and with Sirius Software products.

Anyone who works with Model 204 is encouraged to contribute to this wiki, either by providing new content or correcting or improving existing content. As noted on the wiki edit page, do not submit copyrighted work without the permission of the owner though Sirius Software grants all users the right to post Sirius Software work, copyrighted or not, on this wiki. Note that when contributing to the wiki, try to follow the recommendations in the Wikipedia Style guide.

While this wiki is intended as a repository of general purpose Model 204 information, users should feel free to submit pages that might only be of interest in the submitter's organization. Of course, those pages should be clearly indicated as such.

One goal of this wiki is to ultimately have all the Sirius Software reference manuals also available on the wiki. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat daunting project so we're likely to be short of this goal for quite a while.

Model 204 is a proprietary product of Computer Corporation of America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rocket Software, Inc., which owns the trademark.


The Sirius Software website: http://sirius-software.com

The Rocket Software website: http://www.rocketsoftware.com

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