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Welcome to M204wiki. This wiki is for Model 204 users including those who work with Sirius Software products. M204wiki is the platform for the Model 204 product documentation. The content of the M204wiki pages is the most current version of the information that is available on M204 products. Some of this information is also available in PDF format.


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Anyone who works with Model 204 is encouraged to contribute to M204wiki, either by providing new content or correcting or improving content. Before you can edit content you must obtain an M204wiki User ID.

Model 204

Overviews of core Model 204 areas
SOUL/User Language
File management overview
File architecture overview
List of Model 204 commands
List of Model 204 parameters

Janus SOAP

Formerly Janus SOAP was a Sirius Software product that contained enhancements to User Language, the most prominent of which were object-oriented programming capabilities and XML document processing.

As of version 7.5 of Model 204, the former Janus SOAP features are subdivided into these:



Release notes, wishlists, and punch lists

Model 204
Release notes for Model 204 version 7.5 (DRAFT)
ULSPF801 enhancements
Sirius Mods
Release notes for Sirius Mods V7.8
Release notes for Sirius Mods V7.9
Release notes for Sirius Mods V8.0
Release notes for Sirius Mods V8.1
Release notes for Fast/Unload V4.4 (PDF)
Release notes for Fast/Unload V4.6 (PDF)
Release notes for Fast/Unload V4.7
Fast/Unload punch list

Overviews and tutorials

Overviews of core Model 204 areas
Introduction to User Language
File management overview
File architecture overview
Overviews of concepts added to Model 204 by Sirius Software
Regex processing
XML processing in Janus SOAP
Charting using Janus Web Server and FusionCharts Free
Getting started with OOP for User Language programmers