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The bits in this JANUS DEFINE bitmask parameter mean:

X'01' Include URL parameters in MSIR.0361 as in:

MSIR.0361: Processing request GET /alex/foo?x=y&truth=lies

When X'01 is not set, the old behavior of not showing URL parameters on this message is used.

X'02' Log sending/sent messages for web requests:

MSIR.0762: Sending 2K bytes for port WEB to MSIR.0763: Sent 2K bytes for port WEB to in .001 seconds (1875K/sec)

When X'02' is not set these messages are not logged. These messages were always logged prior to Sirius Mods 7.8.

X'04' Log service time messages for web requests:

MSIR.1038: Time: 1.009 seconds to process GET /alex/foo

When not set, the messages are not logged. These messages are new in Sirius Mods 7.8.

The default for web ports for MSGOPT is X'07' which logs maximal information.

Valid only for WEBSERV ports.

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