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Automatically handle redirects (HttpRequest class)

The MaxRedirects method lets you request automatic handling of redirects that a Get, Post, or Send method call receives from the server. Since redirects may be chained, that is, the location to which a redirect leads can also return a redirect, MaxRedirects specifies the maximum number of times a redirect is followed when it is returned from a web server.


%currentNumber = httpRequest:MaxRedirects httpRequest:MaxRedirects = newNumber

Syntax terms

currentNumber A numeric variable to contain the returned value of MaxRedirects.
httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
newNumber A numeric expression, that evaluates to an integer from 0 through 100, which indicates the maximum number of times a redirect is followed on one Get, Post, or Send call.

If an invalid, or out of range value is specified, the request is canceled. A value of 0 (the default) means redirects are not automatically handled.

Usage notes

  • An HTTP server may return an indication that a page has moved and that the client process should fetch it from a new location. A server indicates this case by returning a response code in the 300s and by returning a response header named “location” that indicates the new location of the page or resource. The HTTP Helper returns such a response code to the application and takes no further action.
  • If the maximum number of redirections have been followed, and the last response is still a redirection response code, the last redirection response code is returned to the HTTP Helper application.
  • When MaxRedirects is set to a value greater than zero, the following HTTP redirection response codes are automatically handled:
    Moved Permanently
    See Other
    Temporary Redirect

    For more details concerning HTTP response codes, see

  • To facilitate working with redirects, the HTTPResponse URL method returns the actual URL from which a response was obtained.

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