Model 204 full-screen editor commands

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Full-screen editor commands and abbreviations
Command Abbreviation Meaning
[+]n Scrolls forward n lines in a procedure.
-n Scrolls backward n lines in a procedure.
= Repeats the most recently executed command.
[SET] ARBCHAR Sets the arbitrary (wildcard) character for a search string. Default: OFF
BACKWARD[n] BA[n] Scrolls backward n screens in a procedure.
BOTTOM B Scrolls to the last line of a procedure.
Translates terminal input to uppercase, or leaves input case as is.
CLEAR Clears the prefix area, aborts pending prefix commands, and cancels any specified targets.
EDIT Invokes the full-screen editor.
END Exits from the full-screen editor and saves the edited procedure.
[SET] FILL Sets the fill character. Default: NULL
FORWARD[n] FO[n] Scrolls forward n screens in a procedure.
GET Inserts a saved procedure in the procedure being edited.
GO Exits from the full-screen editor, saves the edited procedure, and includes the procedure.
[SET] LINEND Sets the line-end character.
[-] LOCATE [-] / or LO Locates a specified string in a procedure.
[SET] PREFIX Controls the position of the prefix area on the screen. Default: LEFT
QUIT Exits from the full-screen editor and does not save the edited procedure.
[SET] REPEAT Sets the repeat character for search strings. Default: OFF
REPLACE R Locates and replaces a specified string in a procedure.
SAVE Saves the edited procedure.
[SET] SCALE Controls the display of the column scale on the screen.
TOP T Scrolls to the first line of a procedure.