Model 204 full-screen editor commands

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Full-screen editor commands and abbreviations
Command Abbreviation Meaning
[+]n Scrolls forward n lines in a procedure.
-n Scrolls backward n lines in a procedure.
= Repeats the most recently executed command.
[SET] ARBCHAR Sets the arbitrary (wildcard) character for a search string. Default: OFF
BACKWARD[n] BA[n] Scrolls backward n screens in a procedure.
BOTTOM B Scrolls to the last line of a procedure.
Leaves the case of terminal input as is, or translates input to uppercase.
CLEAR Clears the prefix area, aborts pending prefix commands, and cancels any specified targets.
EDIT Invokes the full-screen editor.
END Exits from the full-screen editor and saves the edited procedure.
[SET] FILL Sets the fill character. Default: NULL
FORWARD[n] FO[n] Scrolls forward n screens in a procedure.
GET Inserts a saved procedure in the procedure being edited.
GO Exits from the full-screen editor, saves the edited procedure, and includes the procedure.
[SET] LINEND Sets the line-end character.
[-] LOCATE [-] / or LO Locates a specified string in a procedure.
[SET] PREFIX Controls the position of the prefix area on the screen. Default: LEFT
QUIT Exits from the full-screen editor and does not save the edited procedure.
[SET] REPEAT Sets the repeat character for search strings. Default: OFF
REPLACE R Locates and replaces a specified string in a procedure.
SAVE Saves the edited procedure.
[SET] SCALE Controls the display of the column scale on the screen.
TOP T Scrolls to the first line of a procedure.