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Prevent automatic $Web_Done.

NOAUTODONE is a parameter on JANUS DEFINE, which defines and sets characteristics of a Janus port.

This parameter prevents Janus Web Server from treating a return to command mode after all port and ON rules CMDs have been processed as an implicit $Web_Done.

While for simple demo applications such as one that simply returns the results of a Model 204 VIEW command, it is convenient to treat the return to command mode as an implicit $Web_Done, it makes error detection for more complex applications difficult. Many application problems from subsystems not being started to coding errors that cause premature exit from a procedure to invalid included procedure name to a user not being authorized to run a subsystem would cause raw Model 204 error messages or, in certain cases, partial HTML pages to be returned to an end-user. By specifying NOAUTODONE on the port definition, these errors can be caught and a "neater" error page can be sent to the user. This "neater" error page could be either the standard "No $WEB_DONE" page sent by Janus Web Server or it could be one produced by a JANUS WEB ON NODONE rule.

The default setting for AUTODONE/NOAUTODONE is AUTODONE.

The setting of NOAUTODONE (or AUTODONE) applies to all URLs on the port unless explicitly overridden by an AUTODONE (or NOAUTODONE) parameter on a JANUS WEB ON rule. The recommended setting for this parameter is NOAUTODONE with AUTODONE added to any JANUS WEB ON rule where the implicit $Web_Done is really required.

Valid only for WEBSERV ports.

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