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Create a new Arraylist object (Arraylist class)


%al = [%(Arraylist Of itemType):]New

Syntax terms

%al An Arraylist object variable that is set to a new Arraylist object reference.
[%(Arraylist Of itemType):] The optional class name in parentheses denotes a Constructor. See "Usage notes," below, for more information about invoking a collection Constructor.

Usage notes

  • As described in "Using New or other Constructors", New can be invoked with no object, with an explicit class specification, or with an object variable in the class, even if that object is Null:

    %al = new %al = %(Arraylist of float):new %al = %al:new

    Note: As shown above, when explicitly indicating the class, both the collection and the item datatype must be specified just as they are on the collection variable's declaration:

    %arrayl is collection Arraylist of longstring %arrayl = %(Arraylist of longstring):new

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