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Create CharacterToUnicodeMap object (CharacterToUnicodeMap class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 8.0]

The CharacterToUnicodeMap object created by New is a mapping that associates the individual characters from an "In" string argument with the Unicode characters in the corresponding position in an "Out" string argument.


%characterToUnicodeMap = [%(CharacterToUnicodeMap):]New[( [In= string], - [Out= unicode], [Pad= unicode])]

Syntax terms

%outCharacterToUnicodeMapA CharacterToUnicodeMap object.
%(CharacterToUnicodeMap) The optional class name in parentheses denotes a Constructor. See "Usage notes", below, for more information about invoking a CharacterToUnicodeMap Constructor.
In An optional, name required, String or Longstring that specifies the single-byte character code points to be mapped to Unicode characters in the corresponding position in the Out argument string.
Out An optional, name required, Unicode string, each of whose characters is mapped to the character in the In string that occupies the same relative position in the string. The Out string may not be longer than the In; it may be shorter, however, as long as a Pad character is specified.
Pad An optional, name required, Unicode string argument that specifies the character(s) used to pad the Out string on the right if it is shorter than In.

Usage notes

  • Issuing New with no parameters produces a map where every single-byte code point is invalid. You probably would do this only if you are subsequently going to build up the map incrementally using the Update method.
  • As described in "Using New or other Constructors", New can be invoked with no object, with an explicit class name, or with an object variable in the class, even if that object is Null:

    %charToUniMap = new %charToUniMap = %(CharacterToUnicodeMap):new %charToUniMap = %charToUniMap:new


See "Example".

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