NextPrime (Float function)

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Find smallest prime greater than this number (Float class)

The NextPrime intrinsic function returns the next prime number after the method object value.


%number = float:NextPrime

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable to receive the method result.
float A Float value.

Usage notes

  • The method object value, float, is initially rounded to the nearest integer before the next prime is determined.
  • NextPrime always returns a value higher than the current float value, even if float is currently prime.
  • If float is a negative value or is greater than 231-1, the request is cancelled.
  • NextPrime is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


The following request displays the first one hundred prime numbers after 1000:

begin %i is float %n is float %n = 1000 for %i from 1 to 100 %n = %n:nextPrime printText {%n} end for end

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