Number (FloatNamedArraylist function)

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Item number of specified name (FloatNamedArraylist class)

Number returns the item number (ordinal) of the item that has the specified subscript in the FloatNamedArraylist.


%number = fltNal:Number( subscript)

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable to contain the item number of the fltNal item selected by subscript.
fltNal A FloatNamedArraylist object.
subscript A numeric value that serves as a subscript to identify a fltNal item.

Usage notes

  • If Number is called and there is no item on the FloatNamedArraylist that has the indicated subscript, a 0 is returned, regardless of the setting of UseDefault.


b %y is collection floatNamedArraylist of string len 32 %i is float %y = new %y(7) = 'seven' %y(38) = 'thirty-eight' %y(110) = 'one-hundred-ten' %i = 38 print %y:number(%y:nameByNumber(%i)) and %y:nameByNumber(%i) and %y:itemByNumber(%i) end for end

The request prints:

2 38 thirty-eight

See also

  • The ItemByNumber property lets you retrieve or set an item using the item's ordinal number.
  • The NameByNumber function lets you retrieve an item's name using the item's ordinal number.