Model 204 PPTNTRY job stream for IBM z/VSE

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The PPTNTRY job stream contains values for the Program Processing Table (PPT) during installation on IBM z/VSE.

See the comments in the code below for instructions on editing PPTNTRY.

********************************************************************** DFHPPT TYPE=ENTRY,PROGRAM=DFHPSF,RES=YES,LANGUAGE=ASSEMBLER,RSL=PUBLIC DFHPPT TYPE=ENTRY,PROGRAM=M204CRPS,LANGUAGE=ASSEMBLER,RSL=PUBLIC DFHPPT TYPE=ENTRY,PROGRAM=M204PRNT,LANGUAGE=ASSEMBLER,RSL=PUBLIC DFHPPT TYPE=ENTRY,PROGRAM=M204PSFS,LANGUAGE=ASSEMBLER,RSL=PUBLIC DFHPPT TYPE=ENTRY,PROGRAM=OBPLTSD,LANGUAGE=ASSEMBLER,RSL=PUBLIC ********************************************************************** *** IFAM2 programs *** Note: The following ppt entries are required for all *** user IFAM2 programs. *** *** To use this entry, remove the * MARKING, supply the *** correct program name, language type and resource security *** definition. *DFHPPT TYPE=ENTRY,PROGRAM=pgm-name,LANGUAGE=assembler,RSL=PUBLIC